Meet The Award Winning Team

Harley - Managing Director


Harley is one half of the SR name, he has over 12 years in the Customer Service industry so his standards are second to none.

Harley has 4 years hands on experience in the Chauffeuring game, and has been an owner/operator for the past 2 years with the company you all know as SR Limousines, Harley handles most of the Luxury travel driving.

Both Harley and Michael are experienced Co-owners which means when your booking your next wedding, corporate event, business travel and anything else, you are getting a service that not only is award winning its second to none!

Michael - Operations Manager


Michael is the remaing half of the SR name, he has more then 13 years in Customer service and management. Michael is all about the luxury Travel and Business client needs, he is the person who looks after our major clientele when it comes to booking their ground transport and hotels etc.

With tonnes of industry contacts it makes it easy for Michael to get the best deals and service from our business partners. While the Limo's are Harleys brain child, Michael has his own- the Jammin Dounts POP UP BAR is Michaels project that is going to take the central west and beyond by storm!

Johno - Chauffeur


Johno is one of the SR Group of Companies longest drivers he has been a pivital part in our team since the formation of SR Limo's, with his witty nature and willingness to talk to anybody, makes him the perfect asset to the team.

Johno has driven for all types of occasions from weddings, transfers and corporate charters he is almost the Corporate Charter King! having done a few more charters and airport transfers then Harley! 

Tracy - Chauffeur


Tracy is the Queen of Hens and Bucks Parties, she is the party starter of our team, she will turn any frown upside down and change the mood the moment she pulls up in the stretch, usually with loud music pumping and a can do attitude.

Tracy makes all of our clients feel welcome and safe when they are using our services, especially when the charter is to the City! Tracy's extended knowledge of Sydney and all the hot spots to hit on your party night is also what makes Tracy the best driver for our Hens and Bucks night party packages.

Colleen - Expo's & Promo's


Colleen plays an often silent but most important role, Colleen is always with the team when its time for Bridal Expo's, Promo Days, basically anything to do with helping push the business forward.

With Colleen's keen eye for detail and crafty nature we always look the part with our car and displays to show off to the prospective couples. Not to mention Colleen often comes up with the creative ideas that Harley and Michael always seem to forget! we're so lucky to have Colleen as part of the team.