Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take your Limousines anywhere?

Yes, we can take our Limousines most places that other hire car companies wont, our cars have been down rocky dirt roads, farms for weddings, and our favourite place our clients like to go is the McDonalds Drive-Thru. Our Chauffeurs spend alot of time in the vehicle's so they know how they operate and what limits they can achieve.

Can you organise my ground transport anywhere else?

Yes, This is a new side of our business we have contacts with other Limousines and Hire Car Companies across Australia, and we liaise with them to make sure you get the best available rate and ease of booking,

with all bookings done by us on your behalf. Taking away those added stresses.

Can I ride out the sunroof, like they do in the movies?

Sadly No, as this is illegal in Australia to be hanging body parts out of a moving vehicle, however we are more then happy to stop and let you climb out for photos when the vehicles are stationary.

Is Jammin Donuts PUB, BYO or can you stock it?

The best thing about JD PUB is that we have both BYO packages and FULLY Stocked packages, with Kegged beer and taps, thru to the cocktail and mixologist bar at the other end of the van.

We're on a budget for our wedding can you still help?

Yes, we believe that everyone should get a chance to ride in a limo at least once in their life, so with this, our wedding prices are competitively affordable, and we work with you, once you have booked we'll catch up with  you & talk about all the little details.

Can we hire both the Limousines and the PUB for any functions?

Yes, you can have both at any function, it does not need to be a wedding, can be a christmas party, birthday party, corporate function. Really anything you want and we're sure we can make it happen!